Mom And Baby Held At Gunpoint After US Marshals Storm Wrong Home


BRADENTON, FLORIDA — A Ring doorbell camera captured the moments a few US Marshals came knocking on the wrong door, ultimately holding a mother and her child at gunpoint until things were sorted out.

The woman said “Hello?” when she noticed the officers on the camera, and they announced themselves as law enforcement. She opened the door after putting her dog in a crate.

“They pushed me out of the way and they’re holding me and my baby at gunpoint. And I’m freaking out because there’s seven or eight of them with guns and they’re screaming at me that they know he’s in there,” said the woman.

They were searching for Shamar Johnson, who was wanted for a September 11th murder. After the Marshals left the wrong apartment, they went to another part of the building and found Johnson, who was hiding in a different apartment.

“They did come back like an hour later and said, ‘We just want to explain to you that we saw a Black male run upstairs and we thought he came to your apartment, but he didn’t go to your apartment and it turns out, it wasn’t the Black man we were looking,'” the woman told reporters.

Traumatized, she stated that it’s hard for her to sleep at night since the incident, but was happy to have the Ring camera to give her a heads up about what was going on just outside her door.

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