Convenience Store Robber Shot Dead By Armed Clerk


HINESVILLE, GEORGIA — At about 8:30pm, an armed robber enters a convenience store looking for a quick snatch and grab. Little does he know at that time, however, he will never leave that store alive.

Hinesville Police Department Captain Tracey Howard said around 8:35 p.m. a man entered the Kwik Way Food Mart to allegedly attempt to rob the store.

A male clerk who was on duty at the time fired a shot striking and killing the alleged robbery suspect with a handgun he had in his possession.

Via Savannah Now

The police have not released much information about the robber or the armed citizen. However, we know the clerk was armed and ready to defend himself. There has been no report as to whether or not the armed robber fired his gun.

Police are considering this a defensive gun use case, and no charges are pending against the clerk. Unfortunately, convenience store clerk jobs seem to be a dangerous profession. Thankfully, this clerk understood the potential danger of his job and came prepared.

No matter what job you have or where you live, learning how to shoot and legally carrying a firearm is important. Even the safest neighborhoods can experience dangerous moments. Being prepared can save your life.

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