Man With Gun Doesn’t Shoot Dog After Attack, Instead Uses A Different Method To Remove The Threat

A man is seen carrying his dog to safety after being attacked, or possibly attacked, by another much larger dog. The man throws his dog into the house and closes the door, then realizes he has an angry dog to contend with.

After a second, the man draws a handgun that he was open carrying and points it at the dog, just a little too long to the point where the man was likely thinking “It doesn’t matter that I’m pointing the gun at the dog to intimidate the dog because the dog doesn’t know what I’m holding!”

Once realizing the dog doesn’t have much interest in the man, but is still aggressively hunting for the other dog, the man simply shoves him off the porch with a nice kick.

Remember: If you draw your gun during an animal attack, that animal doesn’t know what you have in your hand or what it’s capable of. It’s not going to intimidate the animal.

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