19-Year-Old Tries To Rob Fireworks Stand In Texas, Gets Shot In The Face With His Own Gun


HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS — If this were any other story from Texas, we’d likely see an armed citizen being the one to use their own firearm. Not everyone in Texas is armed, though, and sometimes you need to improvise.

Take the case of an armed 19-year-old who thought it’d be a good idea to rob a fireworks stand on the 4th of July. He nearly succeeded;

Police said the teen walked up to the stand and started demanding money. When an employee brought out the cash, the would-be robber put his gun down on the counter so he could pick up the money.

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See that mistake?

It didn’t take long for another employee to grab the gun. As soon as he did, he shot the robber in the face.

The suspect was taken to the hospital, where his condition was not immediately known.

For the suspect, the money was the priority in this case. We’ve seen a few stories where the bad guys will leave their firearm or knife out in the open so that they are able to gather their score. Is it worth it? For the good guy, yes.

An Independence Day Armed Citizen story would have been better, but this is a close second.

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