LIVE UPDATES: 8 Fatalities, Including Children, In Texas Mall Shooting

UPDATE @ 10:48PM EST — A CBS reporter states that sources say the unnamed suspect was born in 1989, was from Dallas, and that a clear motive has not been established.

UPDATE @ 10:11PM EST — Press Conference: A total of 8 deceased, 7 injured, some in critical condition at hospital. The gunman acted alone. The investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE @ 9:17PM EST — The Allen Police Department tweeted that a press conference will happen at 10PM EST.

UPDATE @ 8:30PM EST — Police say the gunman acted alone and the area is secure. There is still no word on the number of fatalities and injuries.

UPDATE @ 8:19PM EST — 8 victims ranging from 5 to 61 years old are being treated at a local hospital, according to a spokesperson from that hospital.

UPDATE @ 7:42PM EST — During a press conference, police state that an officer at the mall on an unrelated call heard gunshots and went towards them, finding and shooting the suspect. A total of 9 victims transported to the hospital by first responders. There is no word on fatalities, or if other victims were taken to the hospital in private vehicles.

UPDATE @ 7:26PM EST — According to police scanners, they are still actively clearing the mall and surrounding locations.

UPDATE @ 7:06PM EST — CNN is reporting that multiple witnesses described a shooter as wearing tactical gear. A reporter from another news outlet says that a shooter engaged with arriving police and was killed.

UPDATE @ 6:38PM EST — A reporter with WFAA confirmed that police say multiple fatalities occurred, including children.

ALLEN, TEXAS — On Saturday afternoon, authorities in Texas were alerted to a shooting incident at the Allen Premium Outlets. According to reports received by the police, multiple individuals were involved in the shooting at the shopping center located in Allen, Texas.

Graphic images have been coming in via social media. Police scanners suggest there could be multiple suspects, with one being shot and killed.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the Allen Police Department is at the scene. Although the office has acknowledged the presence of “some victims,” the exact severity of their injuries, or the number of victims, remains uncertain at this time.

A statement from police emphasized the ongoing nature of the investigation and urged the public to steer clear of the area until further updates are provided. The law enforcement officials are actively working at the Allen Premium Outlets to gather information and resolve the situation.

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