How To Get Shot: Teens Arrested For Running Down Streets With Guns

SCOTLAND NECK, NC (2-minute read) – Police apprehended two teenagers on Monday after they were spotted brandishing firearms and running through the streets near Shilo Baptist Church on Roanoke Street.

One of the two firearms recovered by police.

The Scotland Neck Police Department responded to reports just before 5 p.m., observing one 17-year-old with a rifle and another wielding a handgun in the vicinity of East 12th Street. After a brief foot pursuit, officers captured both teens. Although one firearm was seized during the arrest and another was later recovered, North Carolina juvenile laws required the authorities to release the teens to their guardians due to their age.

One of the two firearms recovered by police.

Despite the release, the police are pursuing juvenile petitions against the teens for multiple charges, including going armed to the terror of the public, illegal firearm possession by a minor, carrying a concealed weapon, tampering with evidence, and fleeing arrest.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always store firearms securely and educate young people about the dangers associated with unauthorized firearm access.

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