Why We Carry: Doctor Shot And Killed By Patient In Exam Room

COLLIERVILLE, TENNESSEE — Larry Pickens, 29, accused of murdering renowned hand surgeon Dr. Benjamin Mauck at a Tennessee clinic, is now in custody with a $1.2 million bail. Pickens, who can’t afford bail or legal representation, has been assigned a public defender and his next court appearance is scheduled for July 20. He is facing charges of first-degree murder and aggravated assault following the tragic incident at Campbell Clinic Orthopedics, a suburb of Memphis.

Dr. Mauck, known for his dedication and medical proficiency, was shot in an examination room by Pickens, who had reportedly been at the clinic for hours prior to the event. However, authorities have yet to reveal any potential motive.

Dr. Mauck, fondly remembered by patients and peers alike, left a significant imprint in his field and community. He joined the Le Bonheur/Campbell Clinic Pediatric Hand Clinic in 2012, specializing in treating children with hand and upper extremity abnormalities and injuries.

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and its interim president and surgeon-in-chief Trey Eubanks expressed their grief and shock at the loss of a beloved colleague. Similarly, musician Chris Milam tweeted his gratitude towards Mauck, who he credits with preserving his guitar-playing career following a hand surgery in 2018.

Carrying a firearm while on the job can be tricky depending on your profession, but typically not impossible. It isn’t known whether or not this doctor was a gun owner, or whether he ever considered having something on his person for self-defense while at work, but this is a general statement overall regarding one’s own protection.

The fact is that we’ve covered enough stories over the years to know for certain that bad things happen everywhere, even in places where they are considered least expected. That, to me, translates to even more of a need to be prepared to defend oneself, regardless of where you may be at any point during the day.

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