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EQUALIZER: Woman Vindicated in Self-Defense Shooting By Grand Jury, Tables Turned on Abuser

BLOUNTVILLE, TN — A Tennessee woman has, months after the initial shooting, been vindicated by a grand jury for her actions, deciding that her actions were in self-defense, according to the Kingsport Times-News reports.

In fact, not only did the jury find that Angela Bennett to be acting in the right, but a grand jury determined that her husband should be charged for his domestic abuse and trying to stop the 911 call Bennett attempted to make to save herself.

Angela Bennett is the secretary for Sullivan County Mayor Richard Venable and is currently running for election to the position of county trustee. On Sunday, Nov. 19, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office responded to her home in the 400 block of Beck Drive in Piney Flats. Angela’s husband, Michael Bennett, 53, was found with a gunshot wound. He was transported to Johnson City Medical Center for treatment.

Since Angela Bennett’s son is an SCSO deputy, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was contacted to handle the case. According to the TBI, it was learned that Michael Bennett had threatened his wife with a gun and assaulted her, then broke her phone to prevent her from dialing 911. During the assault, Angela Bennett reportedly grabbed a handgun and shot Michael Bennett, then ran to a neighbor’s home for help. Findings of the TBI investigation were presented to a Sullivan County grand jury on Wednesday. It determined that Angela Bennett’s actions were justified and she will not face any criminal charges.

However, for the alleged violence against her that spurred the shooting, Michael Bennett has been indicted on charges of aggravated domestic assault and hindering a 911 call.

Put another score on the board for the Equalizer — when this woman was in fear for her life, she was able to turn the tables on even her armed husband and level the playing field.

The more responsibly-armed women are a part of the larger gun community, the better off we all are.

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