Caught On Dash Cam: An Automatic Gun Fight In Chicago Traffic


For those who aren’t aware, the federal license to legally possess an automatic gun is extremely expensive, and they definitely don’t hand them out like candy.

I doubt the man in the video below has a license for this.

In a “Holy $HIT!!” moment, drivers found themselves right in the middle of a few thugs who had some beef with a car up ahead. In true thug fashion, they hop out of their car and begin shooting. If you watch the video, you’ll immediately realize that at least one of them has an automatic rifle once you hear the shots.

It was all caught on dash cam video, recording the tense moments.

I guess luckily, the thug’s magazine dropped from the rifle, ending his automatic fun. He had a backup gun, though, and began firing that one instead.

Options are limited if you’re caught in something like this, as we can see the driver who recorded the incident was boxed in and had no where to go.

Any armed citizens in any of those cars? You’re up against multiple people, including anyone remaining inside the vehicle while their buddies unload. Tricky, Chicago.

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