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Man Fatally Shot After Firing At Utility Worker Trying To Turn His Water Off

PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA — In a recent incident in Russell County, eastern Alabama, a man was fatally shot by deputies after he had previously fired a gun at a utility worker and later pointed a gun at law enforcement officers.

Identified as 47-year-old Daniel Mooneyham, the man had initially targeted a water works employee sent to disconnect his water supply. Following the encounter, deputies spotted Mooneyham leaving the water works premises and pulled him over during a traffic stop. Upon presenting a firearm from his vehicle, Mooneyham was shot by deputies, who remained unharmed along with the utility worker.

Russell County Sheriff, Heath Taylor, defended the deputies’ actions, emphasizing that pointing a weapon at law enforcement could result in lethal consequences. An investigation into the shooting, which was captured on video, is currently being conducted by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. The video recording will remain confidential during the investigation.

Sheriff Taylor proposed that Mooneyham might have intended to instigate another altercation at the water works building and only left after spotting the deputies. He noted that Mooneyham, who had previously been denied a concealed handgun permit due to a courthouse altercation and mental health concerns, was known to possess a weapon.

The deputies involved in the shooting are currently on administrative leave with pay.

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