14-Year-Old Shoots Mountain Lion Who Was Wreaking Havoc On Farm

CUSTER, SOUTH DAKOTA — When a dairy became victim of a mountain lion rampage, dairy owner Lila Streff was distraught.

But she didn’t count on the vigilance of her 14-year-old son.

“We can see the goats right off the back porch, and we saw one lying on the ground back there,” she recalled to the Rapid City Journal.

“We went right out and looked, and it was dead. We also saw a trail of destruction from the chicken coop with a dead cat, a dead duck and a bunch of chicken feathers.”

A  mountain lion had killed multiple animals, including a house cat.

“It’s unnerving because I really have a smorgasbord of animals here,” she said. “It’s like Golden Corral. If you don’t stop it, you’ll be at the mercy of the lions. I also have grandchildren out back occasionally, and I was worried.”

Streff’s son, 14-year-old Dalton Streff, wasn’t going to let the mountain lion have the run of things.

According to the Rapid City Journal, he went and hid in a plastic play set and waited.

“I was just sitting there and all of sudden one of our cats was back there too, and the mountain lion jumped on it,” Dalton recalled.

“It looked at me once. When I saw the mountain lion, I grabbed my gun quietly so I didn’t scare it off, quietly loaded one round, looked through the scope and shot it. When I shot it, it jumped about 20 feet and then did a face plant.”

He killed the animal with a 30.06 (unspecified) Remington that he reportedly won in a NRA raffle.

“I am very proud of him,” Lila Streff said of her son.”He’s got a good eye, that’s for sure. It was a very tough shot through trees, and he made a straight shot right in the heart.”

Good shooting, young man.

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