Homeowner Catches Man Snooping Around His Car – Makes A Citizen’s Arrest; Would You Have Done The Same?


AMARILLO, TEXAS — Shawn Currier was hanging out at his house when he noticed something suspicious on his surveillance system.  With his black Honda parked out on the curb, he noticed someone was poking around.  At first, according to his story to News Channel 10, he thought it may have been his son – but he said he remembered his son was at church.

So Currier grabbed his gun and went to see who was out by his car.  It turns out it was some guy he had never seen before in his life – Caleb Andrew San Miguel.  Currier alleges that San Miguel was going to break into his car.

via News Channel 10

Currier believes the suspect was trying to steal his 2012 black Honda Accord. He adds not only was he protecting his car, but his family.

“Nobody knows what’s going on in this guy’s head,” said Currier.

20-year-old Caleb Andrew San Miguel was booked into the Randall County Jail Wednesday night for Criminal Trespassing. According to Randall County’s records, San Miguel was already in jail earlier Wednesday on a previous charge.

What truly would have happened had Currier not intervened is unknown.  Currier didn’t take any chances – he kept San Miguel at gunpoint and ordered him to remain on the ground until police arrived.  When Amarillo police did come, they booked San Miguel on a minor charge and noted that he was out pending a prior case.

In the News Channel 10 report, Currier left a stark warning for other would-be thieves.

Currier says burglaries happen often in his neighborhood, but he has a warning for potential thieves.

“Thieves, don’t come around here. There’s a lot of homeowners here with guns, we’re locked and loaded,” said Currier.

Amarillo Police say they do encourage people to protect their property, but to make sure they do it in a safe way.

Hopefully young San Miguel learned his lesson – this is one neighborhood not to be caught messing around in.

If you were in a similar situation, would you have done the same as Currier?

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