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Family Friend Shot And Killed While Reportedly Threatening People With A Knife

JOHNSTON, IOWA — A Johnston family in Iowa claims that a fatal shooting at their apartment complex was an act of self-defense. The incident occurred late Tuesday night, and police responded to the scene. Two men were found with gunshot wounds and were taken to local hospitals. Unfortunately, one of the men, identified as 62-year-old Steven Miller, succumbed to his injuries. The other individual’s injuries are not life-threatening.

According to Shelby Meier and Barbara Riley, who were interviewed by KCCI, Dalton Meier shot Miller in self-defense. Police have identified Meier as the shooter and have questioned him, but no charges have been filed yet. Shelby Meier explained that Miller, a family friend, became aggressive during an altercation in another apartment. When Shelby and Dalton Meier went upstairs, they found Miller enraged and threatening Shelby’s cousin and others with a knife.

Dalton Meier, described as a hard-working young man and father of three, fired his gun when Miller charged at them, attempting to harm them. Unfortunately, one of the bullets accidentally hit the second man involved, but he is expected to recover. Shelby Meier and Barbara Riley believe that Dalton acted to protect the people he cared about and considered the use of the gun as a last resort, understanding gun safety measures.

The investigation is ongoing, and it is yet to be determined if the shooting will be classified as self-defense.

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