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Florida Permitless Carry Makes Big Step Towards Becoming Reality

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — The Florida House has passed a controversial proposal that would allow people to carry concealed firearms without undergoing background screening and training. Supporters of the bill argue that it will enhance public safety, while opponents believe that it will result in increased violence.

“At the end of the day, if somebody wakes up and makes a decision in their mind that they want to take someone else’s life, they are going to do that. There is no amount of training and there is no type of a law that can prevent those types of actions,” stated State Rep. John Snyder, R- Stuart.

“Now we are here, expecting our youth to grow up in a state where people are conceal carrying firearms without any sort of training,” said State Rep. Johanna Lopez, D- Orlando.

Parts of the bill also seek to improve school safety by providing money for school hardening, better coordinating threat-assessment services, and allowing armed “guardians” in private schools. Some gun-rights groups are opposed to the bill, as they believe people should be able to openly carry firearms in most public places. A Senate version of the bill is also awaiting consideration.

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