Former NBA Star Shawn Kemp Released After Shooting Investigation

TACOMA, WASHINGTON — Former Seattle Sonics star Shawn Kemp has been released from Pierce County Jail after being booked on investigation of drive-by shooting, pending further investigation by Tacoma police.

Pierce County prosecutors have decided not to charge Kemp unless there is more evidence from the police, according to the Seattle Times.

The incident happened on Wednesday when Tacoma police received a report of gunfire in a parking lot near the Tacoma Mall. Officers found and arrested a 53-year-old man who fired the shots, and they recovered a firearm which was later confirmed to be owned by Kemp according to the report.

Kemp’s attorneys said Thursday that he fired in self-defense, and no injuries were reported.

“Individuals inside the vehicle shot at Mr. Kemp, who then returned fire in self-defense,” said Kemp’s personal attorney, W. Scott Boatman, in a statement on Twitter.

Kemp has no significant criminal history according to the Seattle Times, and was a major part of the Sonics’ success in the 1990s.

He opened a cannabis dispensary in 2020, according to the Seattle Times, and opened a second shop last month in Sodo.

Kemp’s attorneys Tim Leary and Aaron Kiviat met with him before learning prosecutors would not file charges immediately. Leary said he’s grateful prosecutors are taking the time to consider all the facts of the case.

“Mr. Kemp is a pillar of the community and he’s not going anywhere,” Kiviat said by phone according to the Seattle Times, pointing out Kemp is not a flight risk.

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