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UPDATE: Two Men Shot And Killed By Resident Were Brothers, Resident Used Rifle To Stop Armed Invasion

WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS — An update has been provided on a deadly shooting involving two armed intruders and an armed resident at a home.

Christian Tenorio and Jimy Tenorio, both of Waukegan, knocked on the door in the 100 block of Frolic Avenue but then forced their way inside when a woman answered, according to details released by Waukegan police Thursday.

Christian Tenorio, 36, took out a revolver as the woman called for help, police said. A man in his 30s who rents a room in the basement heard the commotion and went upstairs with a pistol, confronting the brothers and allegedly shooting Christian Tenorio.

Jimy Tenorio, 34, went on to grab his brother’s gun and started dragging him out of the home, police said.

via suntimes.com

At this point, the renter retreated and then returned with a rifle, which ended in an exchange of gunfire.

Both Tenorio brothers were shot and killed, and police found them in the front yard of the home when they arrived to the scene.

A woman and a toddler were also inside the home at the time of the incident, and luckily neither were injured.

The armed renter and the woman at the house both have FOID cards, but neither of the deceased brothers did. Police are also unsure as to why the brothers targeted the specific home, as no connection between the two was made.

It is very possible that the armed renter didn’t know what he was walking into, and decided that his handgun wasn’t going to be enough. Going back to grab the rifle, it could have been a life-saving move. We’ll never know, because it’s all speculation, but that decision seems to have been a good one.

h/t to our long-time reader Ned, who constantly provides us with great stories to research and discuss.

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