[CCW IN ACTION] Concealed Carrier In Milwaukee Shoots And Kills One Of Four Robbers

One group of people in Milwaukee tried to rob another group of people early Monday morning. The result: one of the would-be victims pulled out his concealed carry firearm and shot at one of the suspects, killing him. The other three fled in fear of their lives.

The suspects were attempting to rob several tavern workers at gunpoint.

The person shot and killed, a 15-year-old, was a known gang member and was shot in a different incident just this past August. He had a long criminal history despite his young age, ranging from auto theft to armed robbery. I guess some people never learn.

The armed citizen, a 30-year-old man, was taken into police custody after the shooting but released shortly after. He was ordered to return to the DA’s office at a future date, and has seemingly not been charged with any crimes. The DA is currently investigating whether the shooting was done in self defense.

The group accused of the robbery attempt is responsible for a string of robberies in the recent past.

Stanmeyer said five people were arrested and are believed to have been part of dozens of Milwaukee-area robberies over the past three days. Stanmeyer said the ages of those arrested range from 14-18 years.

Hopefully, the deceased man’s friends take note of this outcome and change their ways, although this is rarely the case when involved with gangs.

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