Deeply Disturbed Man Wants To Fight Cops, Gun Battle Ensues


Here’s one situation that went from bad to worse with alacrity.

In the video below, a clearly mentally unwell man announces to law enforcement that there is going to be a gun fight, and, in spite of repeated attempts by first responders to get the man to ease off his plan to initiate a firefight between himself and law enforcement, the man steps out and presents a weapon.

The resulting firefight, if it can be called that, saw one officer completely empty his handgun magazine, and he wasn’t the only one shooting.

Despite all that, the man actually survives the onslaught, and, somehow, everyone got to survive another day.


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Josiah is a veteran writer and active voice in the gun community. He is passionate about not only ensuring that American citizens know their rights, but why they have those rights and what a gift it is to be in a country that acknowledges their God-given freedoms. His standard concealed carry rig is a Tristar T-100 in 9mm settled comfortably in a Quick Click and Carry Holster made by JM4 Tactical.

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