When You Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight, You Will Probably Lose

A group of three men went to a home in Palm Beach FL to find the son of a homeowner, but they got the homeowner instead.

The homeowner came out and got into a verbal dispute with them.

One of the men threatened him with a knife.

The homeowner pulled out his gun and shot that individual, according to PBSO.

All three men were arrested after they high-tailed it to the closest hospital. One of their buds was shot by the homeowner but is expected to be just fine, except for the fact that he’ll be in jail.

This is the beauty of firearm ownership by law-abiding citizens. It gives us an edge over these things that can change our day in seconds. We aren’t certain as to the circumstances around this event, but the homeowner was not arrested (so we’ll assume he had his firearm legally).

Bearing Arms makes note of the fact that the homeowner stepped outside of his home during the confrontation. Staying inside and having a conversation through the door may have been the better thing to do. Then, if any one of them entered the home, that’s when you take action. What would you have done in this situation?

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