WHY YOU SHOULD CARRY: Woman Answering Craigslist Ad Has Her Unborn Child Cut From Her Womb


LONGMONT, COLORADO — There’s a special place for certain people, folks. This heart wrenching and despicable story comes out of Colorado, and it starts off as seemingly any other normal story. An expecting mother, 7 months pregnant, responds to an ad on Craigslist where the seller offers baby clothes for sale. The mother goes to the home to scope out the goods, but instead is attacked by the woman who placed the ad.

During the attack, the mother’s womb was cut open and her unborn child removed.

The fetus died in the assault, but the mother survived and has a “very optimistic” prognosis, said Boulder County District Attorney Stanley L. Garnett.

For now, Dynel Lane, 34, a former nurse aide, is being held by authorities and won’t face formal charges until late next week at the earliest, Garnett said.

The grisly assault happened Wednesday after the seven-months-pregnant woman went to a home in Longmont to buy baby clothes. Lane had placed an ad on Craigslist offering the clothes for sale, police said.

The mother was found by police, bleeding inside the home. She was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery. Police say the suspect arrived at the same hospital at nearly the same time with the child, claiming a miscarriage.

Boulder County District Attorney Stanley L. Garnett says that murder charges are going to be difficult to bring up, based on Colorado law.

“Under Colorado law, essentially, there’s no way murder charges can be brought if it’s not established that the fetus lived as a child outside the body of the mother for some period of time. I don’t know the answer yet as to whether that can be established, what our facts are here,” Garnett said.

I’m not about to get into the debate about this, but what I do know in my heart is that this woman should indeed be charged with murder.

When conducting business such as with Craigslist, it’s important to remember that you could be meeting with any wacko in the world. Remember to meet in a public area, and remember to be armed.

Just a few weeks ago, we brought you the tragic story of a couple who responded to a Craigslist ad about a car for sale. The couple took the trip to check it out, but there was no car and they both ended up dead. It’s another sad reminder of the evil that exists in our world, as well as another reminder to continuously arm ourselves and make good decisions when meeting people from the internet.


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