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Bull Moose Attacks Sled Dogs In Alaska, Owner Fires 6 Shots From Handgun And It Does Absolutely Nothing


A bull moose is an incredibly large and powerful animal, and are very territorial and will defend themselves if they sense any danger. In this incident we’re about to discuss, Bridgett Watkins was with her team of dogs and her friend Jen Nelson, who was riding the snowmobile. Watkins and her team were training for their first Iditarod race, and the day of training took a terrible turn.

While on the man-made trail, the bull moose was spotted about a quarter mile ahead. They stopped to give the moose some space, and it left the trail upwards of 4 times. When they thought he was finally on his way, he reappeared around a bend on the trail.

At first, the moose seemed non-threatening—until it turned, lowered its head, and charged. Watkins said the trail offered no protection, with thin trees to the side. Deep snow prohibited any escape off the trail. Watkins, a part-time emergency room nurse, according to reports, fired five times at the charging moose, which became entangled with the sled dogs. Watkins said she released the six dogs that had been running behind her sled with the snowmobile. Those dogs were able to flee. The dogs hooked to the sled weren’t as fortunate. The moose trampled them.


Watkins fired a 6th and final shot from close range, and still the moose was unfazed. It hung around next to the dogs for an hour, stomping any dog that moved. Watkins said she never felt so helpless in her life.

I was able to cut 6 dogs free that were on the team connected to the machine. But unfortunately he went back to my team attached to my sled and trampled them over and over; repeatedly, for nearly a hour it continued. I have never felt so helpless in my life. He would not leave us alone and he even stood over top of the team refusing to retreat. Our friend that lives out on the river was able to finally get to us and kill the animal that dropped just beside the team.

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I don’t know that caliber handgun Watkins was carrying, but it wasn’t enough to stop this bull moose in the slightest. I imagine her friend came with a rifle or large caliber handgun to successfully stop the animal.

Multiple dogs required surgery and one is suffering from life-threatening injuries, a dog named Flash, who was stomped in the head by the moose.

I’ve seen moose attacks before, and they’re never pretty. Again, these animals are incredibly strong and are known not to back down in a fight. The sheer size of them is enough to take on most challengers, and that’s why you need a tool with you that’s capable of saving your life against one of these powerhouses if they decide to charge you.

I hope that the entire team is able to recover fully, and we’re pulling for Flash to make it through to finish a race with his team.

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