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CLEARED: Off-Duty LEO Walks Clean After Fatal Self-Defense Shooting

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA — A man was shot and killed in — of all things — an attempted robbery of a man trying to sell a video game system, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Unfortunately for the would-be robber, an off-duty law enforcement officer was nearby and put the robber out of commission — but not before he was shot himself.

The Chesterfield Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office cleared Officer Robert Misegades of wrongdoing for the late November Shooting.

As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

Richmond officer Robert Misegades, while off duty, fatally shot Baumgart after the teen produced a pistol and tried to rob a man who was selling an Xbox video game system, authorities said. Misegades was also shot during an exchange of gunfire with the teen. He was treated at a hospital and released. Police said the shooting occurred as two groups of males met to “facilitate the sale of an electronic gaming system” shortly after midnight at the Chestertowne Square Shopping Center at 4211 Beulah Road. Misegades was accompanying the group that was selling the gaming system.

“It was pretty cut-and-dried,” Chesterfield police Capt. Michael Louth said of the circumstances of the shooting. “They were trying to buy the gaming system and during the course of all that the (suspect) pulled out a gun and tried to rob them of it, and that’s when the gunfire was exchanged.”

Louth said the firearm the officer used in killing Baumgart was his off-duty weapon. He declined to elaborate on the type of gun, how many shots Misegades fired and how many rounds struck the teen. Information on the teen’s firearm and the number of shots he fired also was not released. It also wasn’t immediately clear how Baumgart came into possession of the gun.

Richmond police released Misegades’ name soon after the shooting.

We need to pick our fights as concealed carriers, of course, but I mean, for crying out loud — who wants do die in a fight over video games? Carrier, or robber?

To the robbers of the world, it’s not worth picking a fight over little things like that.

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