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Here Are Governor McMaster’s Remarks on South Carolina Constitutional Carry

South Carolina permitless carry — better known as constitutional carry — may very soon become a thing.

We previously reported on a bill that would bring constitutional carry to the state passing the South Carolina House by a crushing majority, and should it pass the Senate it will be on its way to the desk of Governor Henry McMaster.

McMaster, a Republican, has already made his opinion on the issue clear: there will be no veto.

“One thing I think has been very productive is the relationship between this office, the whole staff here, and the House and the Senate members is a very good one,” McMasters said according to WCSC.

“I know there’s a concern about [constitutional carry], but I don’t share those concerns,” he said.

“I don’t think everybody’s going to run out and buy a pistol to carry it around. I think the people who will are the law-abiding citizens who know how to handle firearms, and I think the Constitution, the Second Amendment, says you have a right, and I think the legislation is right on point.”

That’s hardly ambiguous. As long as the bill doesn’t include something preposterous, it seems as though McMaster’s willing to help a South Carolina constitutional carry bill become a law.

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