Business Owner Allegedly Shoots Man He Found Sitting In Owner’s Car, Charges Dropped


KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — The charges against Sidney Kile, the owner of SK Security, have been dropped due to a lack of cooperation from the shooting victim, according to reports.

Kile had claimed self-defense after shooting a man who he says was sitting in his vehicle outside his office on March 31st last year, according to KSHB.

Kile, who is licensed to carry a firearm, drew his weapon and ordered the man to get out of the vehicle. Kile alleges that the man started running at him and his girlfriend after he said police had been called and so he shot the man.

Although it is unclear what happened to the man who was shot, he survived.

Initially, the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against Kile but in May, the office filed two felony charges, first-degree assault with serious physical injury and armed criminal action.

However, these charges were dismissed as the shooting victim stopped cooperating with prosecutors, making it impossible for them to appear as a witness in court.

“We needed the victim to appear and testify at trial, but he made clear to us that he would not,” the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said according to KSHB. “We had no choice but to dismiss.”

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