A Perfect Example Of Why I Will Never Support “Smart Guns”

Volvo has showed us why technology can’t always be trusted, even after hundreds or thousands of hours worth of tinkering with this high-tech technology.

Picture a company putting countless time and energy into a new product that will let technology guide our lives and create a safer environment for everyone, only to have the live demonstration end in a nightmare. That’s exactly what happened to Volvo.

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Journalists gathered in the Dominican Republic to see the Volvo XC60 demonstrate its state-of-the-art parking assist system. The demonstration, however, went horribly wrong.

During the demo, the vehicle is seen stopped for a number of seconds, only to accelerate forward at a fast rate of speed. Two people directly in front of the vehicle are struck.

I think you get my point. If technology along with electronics are involved, it’s inevitable that something will go wrong — at some point.

What if a “smart gun” has a mishap? What if it can’t read your fingerprint? What if your bracelet is broken and it’s trying to connect? What if the batteries die? What if…

No matter how advanced the technology comes, I will never stand behind the “smart gun”.

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