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Chicago Woman Shoots And Kills Man Who Broke Into Her Home And Began Beating Her

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A 28-year-old woman is thankful to have survived a home invasion.

After breaking into her home, 30-year-old Reginald Brown started beating the woman, who was able to get her handgun and end the struggle with a single fatal gun shot to the chest.

Police indicated that the woman, who has a valid FOID card, knew the intruder and that the incident was of a domestic nature. They have also said that expect no charges will be filed for what is being deemed a justifiable homicide.

This short story proves, yet again, the importance of maintaining a readily accessible firearm, not only on your person while out in public, but also in the home.

To me, that means not removing my firearm when I enter my home. It means remaining personally armed at all times. Whenever possible, I recommend carrying on the body… in the home and out of the home.

Though some firearms owners are, for various reasons, uncomfortable actually being armed while in their home, I suggest that you will be more likely to react quickly and decisively should you need to, if you are.

If you cannot bring yourself to actually carry in the home, consider placing a firearm in a quick-access safe in your bedroom, living room, and any other area you spend a lot of time.

You won’t regret it if you do. But you might, if you don’t.

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