Homeowner Shoots And Kills One Of Two Suspects In A Violent Break-In — Why We’re Always Prepared For The Worst


CLEVELAND, OHIO — A 68-year-old man heard the sounds he described as someone breaking into his home on a Sunday evening. When he went down to investigate, he found two men standing in his kitchen. They both charged at him and he allegedly screamed, fired two shots, and retreated to his room where he called emergency services.

According to Cleveland.com, when Cleveland police arrived they found one of the suspects dead just outside the back door to the kitchen. He was pronounced dead by medical professionals as he lay sprawled out in the backyard. It’s likely he was in shock and made it several yards before collapsing.

The second suspect escaped with his life. It’s unknown whether or not he was hit by any of the two bullets. The homeowner was uninjured in the foray but was obviously quite a bit shaken up by the incident.

Police will obviously not charge the homeowner in connection to the shooting death of one of the two home invasion suspects. They are still investigating for clues that might lead to the apprehension of that second suspect but there’s exceedingly little to go off of.

The homeowner did the right thing. Of course a person will investigate when he hears sounds that may sound like someone breaking into his home. He brought a gun. That one detail likely saved his life.

If the account was completely true — which there’s no reason not to believe it based upon the evidence — he had two men charging at him from within his own home. That’s an extreme disadvantage, with or without a gun. Thankfully, he was able to react in time to fire off two shots and immediately retreated to a place where he could barricade himself, contact authorities, and defend himself further if need be.

The other suspect, likely after seeing his buddy get shot, wisely decided to cut his loses and get out while his fortune was still good.

This is why whenever investigating a strange disturbance, make sure to approach cautiously, keep a gun on hand, and always attempt to do the following:

  • Arm
  • Evade
  • Barricade
  • Communicate with authorities (9-1-1)
  • and Respond as appropriate

It’s just a simple way to improve your chances of getting the most out of defending yourself inside your home or outside of it. And, of course, carry a gun everywhere you physically can. The proximity of that gun to your hand is a direct reflection of your ability to use it if you need it. It can’t do you any good in the night stand if you’re in the kitchen or the bathroom.

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