BREAKING: SC Constitutional Carry Bill Advances To House Floor

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA — South Carolina looks to potentially become the 26th state to recognize constitutional carry as its concealed carry policy, according to multiple reports.

The State House bill, Bill 3594, made it through the House Judiciary Committee by an overwhelming 16-7, according to WSPA. They also noted that the vote was along party lines.

Representative Bobby Cox, a Republican, and 61 Republican cosponsors pre-filed the bill Dec. 15th, which would appear to be a very positive indicator for the bill’s success.

“We are taking the approach that you don’t really need a permission slip from the government to exercise one of your constitutional freedoms,” Cox said according to WSPA.

“This does not do away with background checks, so if you can legally buy a handgun you’re still going to go through that federal background check to make sure you are not a criminal and can actually legally carry a gun.”

According to The Post and Courier’s editorial team, the bill is expected to pass, although the author in question was not at all happy about that.

The South Carolina State House website reported that the house is comprised of 88 Republicans and 36 Democrats, which historically bodes well for a “yes” vote on removing firearms restrictions. Their governor, Henry McMaster, is also a Republican.

Manager of Sharpshooters Gun Club and Range James Frazier communicated that in spite of this, it’s vital that responsible citizens get themselves training.

“I really don’t care where you get your training,” Frazier said according to WSPA. “We can provide it. You can get it from law enforcement. You can get it in a lot of different ways, but we do highly recommend that you get training.”

“It’s in the constitution that you shouldn’t have to have a permit…However safety still has to come first and foremost.”

Should it pass, we will give you all the details as they emerge.

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