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Massachusetts House Passes New Batch Of Restrictive Gun Laws

The Massachusetts House has passed a comprehensive gun regulation bill, with a 120-38 vote, to further tighten firearm rules. The legislation emphasizes restricting “ghost guns,” which are unregistered, and fortifying the existing ban on “assault weapons.” One of its mandates is that individuals cannot carry firearms into someone else’s home without permission. It also demands serialization and state registration of essential gun parts.

This move can be traced back to a 2022 Supreme Court decision affirming the right of U.S. citizens to carry firearms in public for self-defense. The bill introduces laws against discharging firearms close to residences and bans carrying weapons when under the influence. Moreover, it prevents the carrying of firearms in schools, polling stations, and government buildings. The legislation also intends to stop new acquisitions of AR-15-style firearms and the modification of legal guns into illegal automatic variants.

Included in the proposal is an advanced system for tracing firearms involved in criminal activities and an upgrade of the firearm registration process. This enhancement is also expected to increase gun data accessibility for research and policymaking.

Opponents argue that the bill targets lawful gun owners more than it addresses crime. Jim Wallace, of the Gun Owners’ Action League, labeled the bill an “overreaction” and “tantrum” in response to the Supreme Court ruling. Proponents believe the bill fills gaps in current gun regulations and resonates with the Supreme Court’s verdict. Jennifer Robinson, from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, emphasized the necessity of proper training for gun licensees, akin to driving licenses.

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