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[WATCH] Las Vegas Man Returns To Find Home Trashed, Ransacked, Shoots Returning Squatter


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — A Las Vegas man came back to his home after being away for a couple of months to find the place obliterated by squatters, KLAS reported early December.

The place had been looted, ransacked, ravaged, pillaged — you name it, it happened.

On top of that, literally as he was on the phone with 911 dispatchers, one of the squatters came right back in.

He shot her.

“They went through everything, pulled things apart, cut the couches, went into the vents in the bathroom,” Jermaine Pritchett told KLAS.

“Maybe a window they were able to shimmy open.”

Pritchett told KLAS they they took everything from electronics to socks. Seriously.

“I definitely feel 100% violated; words can’t even explain it.”

When he was surprised by the squatter during his 911 call, he grabbed his firearm and shot her once.

Below is a video he took in the aftermath of the shooting. The squatter’s sitting in Pritchett’s house denying wrongdoing like an apprehended 7-year-old.

It’s pretty awful stuff.

Police reportedly later arrived, took the woman to the hospital, and classified the shooting as self-defense.

On top of that, another squatter tried to break in the next night.

“I was able to grab his arm as he was reaching in. I held him then my neighbors thankfully called the authorities.”

The squatter was arrested.

Pritchett reportedly had to plead with his apartment complex over and over again to get them to change the locks to his home, which they finally did.

A KLAS reporter reached out for comment to the apartment complex to ask what else they could do to prevent incidents like this from occurring. The complex unsurprisingly declined to do so.

That’s probably the most relatable moment in this whole story.

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