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Wheelchair-bound Vietnam Veteran Takes Out Home Invader

MONTICELLO, GEORGIA — On the outskirts of Atlanta, a wheelchair-bound Vietnam veteran was again called upon to save his own life from a direct threat. When Andre Smith, 22, broke in through a rear door, the veteran went to investigate. That’s when Smith lunged at him — but not before the homeowner fired a round into Smith’s chest.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents found Smith critically injured some 100 yards away from the property after he no doubt made a mad sprint to his own personal finish line.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in to investigate the scene and has since sent evidence down to Decatur to be analyzed.

Staying prepared in the home is important. Thugs don’t care what hour of the day it is, when they come knocking, they know it’s them or you. Your job is to make sure it’s you who survives.

From the sounds of it, if Smith had no reservations about lunging at a man in a wheelchair, he certainly wouldn’t have had any remorse about taking advantage of the situation. It’s your home, your property, your life and livelihood. Don’t take chances — stay armed when you’re home.

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