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Favorite Holsters And Carry Locations For Women


One of the most exciting shifts I am seeing is that many more women are carrying concealed and the way they carry their firearms is changing!  With the commitment to education and training that I have seen women undertake this past year, they are carrying their firearms primarily on the body and on or in their waistbands (which is the best location for safe and easy access). This tells me just how committed women are to finding the best and safest carry on the body positions and holsters! I am so proud thrilled to see this.

As you can see above – the vast majority of women are carrying their firearms concealed on the body. Most are carrying on or around the waist area in belly band type holstersin the waist holsters that are worn inside the pants and on the waistband holsters that are worn outside the pants. Carrying the firearm anywhere in the waist/mid-section area is ideal, as the firearm is easily accessible to draw quickly as well as having it ‘attached’ to the body for ultimate safety with limited access to others. Underarm holsters also provide fairly easy access and conceal ability.

The bra holster is another fairly popular carry position as it takes advantage of a natural ‘shelf’ to help conceal the firearm. Naturally there are some limitations dictated by the size of the firearm in relation to the size of the bust.

The deep concealment pouch type holster is very popular location, but a bit less accessible as the firearm is ‘buried’ deep in the lower abdomen and is best with loser, unbelted waistbands.

The thigh holster is a great option when wearing dresses and other options just won’t work and the ankle holster is less popular as access is more difficult because the firearm is kept at such a great distance from the waist area and access could be difficult if you were running from an attacker. However ankle carry may be a good option for those that sit at desk or are sitting the majority of the time.

Many women choose to carry in a purse as it is very convenient and with some clothing styles, the only viable option. A concealed carry purse designed for the purpose of carrying a firearm is highly recommended as they have features built into it for safety. They do however inherently come with some added risks that should be addressed and considered when making this decision. Read about CC Purses here

For women, carrying in so many creative positions and locations, a real commitment to training and practicing the draw  (With an unloaded firearm) from these holsters and locations is required. Men have a waistband each and every day, so their carry location tends to be the same. For a woman who might be carrying in a variety of locations due to clothing styles, she must be aware daily as to where she is carrying.  I encourage women to remind themselves throughout the day exactly where they are carrying.  With these options come additional responsibilities and practice and as you can see, women are doing what is necessary to be as well prepared and safe as possible.

Read about concealed carry holsters for women in more depth here

Watch videos demonstrating a variety of holsters for women here

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