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80-Year-Old Concealed Carrier Shoots Armed Robber Multiple Times… Who Was 73 Years Old

HIALEAH, FLORIDA — When you’re 80 years old, you’ve seen a lot in this life and probably don’t take a lot of crap from people. That’s exactly what this 80-year-old armed citizen did when he was pepper-sprayed and punched. By a 73-year-old.

Local media reports;

Police said Julio Perez-Delgado pepper sprayed and punched the older man as the man entered his car outside the Royal Arcade, 5440 West 16th Ave. He demanded the man turn over his money, but Ernesto Del Monte instead reached for his firearm inside his pocket and fired several shots at Perez-Delgado.

via Miami Herald

Police caught up with the suspect about a half mile down the road after receiving calls of a person with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

He’s being charged with armed attempted robbery and burglary with battery.

This may very well have been the first time ever that this concealed carrier had to draw his firearm to defend himself. With that said, we could go through life carrying for 50 years and never need it. But, if that day ever does come, even if we’re 80 years old, we’re still as ready as we were on our first day of carrying a firearm.

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