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Carry At Home: Man Beaten And His Firearms Stolen, Still Manages To Fire At Intruders As They Flee

BLADEN, NEBRASKA — Carrying at home is something that we discuss on a regular basis, and we do so because we see how quickly some home invasions can go down. So quickly, in fact, that you’re likely not going to have time to get to your gun.

The state patrol said the suspects broke into the man’s home just before midnight late Tuesday May 5. The suspects beat the man and stole multiple firearms and ammunition. The patrol said the victim fired multiple shots at the suspects as they were leaving the home, after which they dropped most of the stolen property. The stolen firearms were recovered and returned to the victim. The patrol said only some ammunition was still missing as of Thursday afternoon. A patrol spokesperson did not have information about the kind of gun used by the victim to shoot at the suspects.

via ksnblocal4.com

It’s actually not known if the man had a firearm on him at the time, but we do know that he was eventually able to get to one and use it to defend himself.

As a result of the incident, police say he suffered minor injuries, and was treated and released.

Is is unknown if any of the suspects sustained injuries during their failed home invasion.

If you don’t already, think about getting a video surveillance system for your home, both inside and out. If your camera outside alerts you of movement at your front door, it could give you some valuable seconds to react to a pending attack on your home.

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