7 Stocking-Stuffers For The Concealed Carrier In Your Life

Christmas season is upon us, folks.

While giving remains better than receiving, there is still a lot of stress involved in finding that perfect gift for the important people in your life.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for something special for the concealed carrier in your life, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick gifts you can treat as stocking-stuffers for concealed carriers.

There are myriad choices that can make your days merry and bright. We already covered the merits of ammunition as a gift.

Since I have am blessed to work a couple clients throughout this industry, I’ve gotten a couple of requests for stocking-stuffer options for firearms lovers.

I’m going to list out what I’ve shared with others here, and then we’re going to find some new ones so you guys have the world to choose from.

Options previously included are:

  • Ammunition
  • Magazine Speed Loader
  • Gun Industry Magazine Subscription

All of those remain solid options. I use Outdoor Limited for my ammo needs, MakerShot is where I’ve gotten my speed loaders from in the past, and a Guns & Ammo gift subscription starts at $10 for the year. None of them pay me to say any of that, those are just personal recommendations.

Here are some other options that could make great gifts. There is something for every budget!

1. Splatter Targets

Splatterburst Targets - 8 inch Stick & Splatter Self Adhesive Shooting Targets - Gun - Rifle - Pistol - Airsoft - BB Gun - Pellet Gun - Air Rifle - Made in USA
Splatterburst Targets adhesive target, linked below

We’re going to start off easy. Like ammo, targets are something that just about everyone uses, and it’s both more handy and more fun to use a target that lights up like a Christmas tree wherever you hit.

I have found them particularly helpful for zeroing in both handguns and rifles.

Prices for targets vary by size and quantity, but a 25-pack from Splatterburst Targets is currently on sale for $10.99 on Amazon.

2. Tactical Stocking

Garud Christmas stocking, linked below

Give the gift of tacticool while being obnoxiously meta with a tactical Christmas stocking.

While technically not a stocking-stuffer, it’s thematically appropriate, and can be had from Garud for $15.50 at the time of this writing.

3. Gun Mat

Real Avid Smart Mat, linked below

Honestly, I’m not sure how I missed putting this in any of my previous lists. It might be a little big for a stocking, but a bit of creative packing would undoubtedly make it work.

The nicest part? There’s pretty much a gun mat for every pattern you can think of. I use one given to me that’s branded by another client of mine. It looks great and reminds me how blessed I am to work with them.

The one I linked to here is not one I own, but has a nice little parts tray to keep all your components in order. This Real Avid cleaning mat can be had for just over $20 at the time this story was written.

4. Bullet Wallet

Nocona Belt Co. wallet, linked below

Before I drank the Flavor Aid on the ultra-slim wallet fad I used a wallet very similar to the one pictured above.

If it’s time to upgrade your wallet, you might want to consider adding a little bit of ammunition bling to the equation.

Prices can vary, but the pictured Nocona Belt Company Bullet Trifold runs $45 on Amazon.

5. Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport electronic earmuffs, linked below

If you’re still going analog, you’re missing out.

For a minor investment gun lovers the world over can enjoy the elevated shooting experience a little electronic help can give you.

I can say without exaggeration that no single accessory has more radically improved my shooting life than my electronic ear pro. The exact ones I used are linked here. At $60, I’d buy them again in a heartbeat.

6. EDC Flashlight

Streamlight MacroStream, linked below

We’re not talking about a gun light, although that could work, too. A good EDC light can help you navigate complex situations in low-light environments.

Do better than a phone light. Check out a Streamlight MacroStream compact flashlight – it’s 500 lumens and can be charged with a USB chord. Its list price is just over $95.

7. Holsters

Lexington holster from KSG Armory

I mean, come on. What better gift is there than the gift of quality carry?

There are more holster brands out there than I can count, and I can make Count von Count look like a casual.

Whether it’s leather, kydex, or a hybrid, there’s a fit and finish that’s right for you.

Pictured above is a holster from KSG Armory, which does have a working relationship with Concealed Nation. The pictured Lexington-style holster starts at $80.

Which of these gifts would you want to get for Christmas? Share this out on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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