Is Ammunition A Good Christmas Present?

It’s hard to figure out a good gift option for the person that has everything in your life.

It’s fun to shop for someone with a shared interest, and while there are a lot of options for a firearms aficionado, few options are as inherently and immediately valuable as ammo.

Can Ammunition Be a Gift?

The short answer is that it depends, but mostly yes! Ammunition sales are significantly less-regulated than firearms sales, with some exceptions.

World Population Review notes that New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey all have some sort of laws governing the sale and/or possession of ammunition. As always, keep your state and local laws in mind before doing anything firearms-y, even if and when you may disagree with those laws.

Should Ammunition Be a Gift?

If it’s legal in your locality, absolutely! Ammunition makes a fantastic gift.

It can especially come in handy if you’re looking for a firearms-centric gift for someone who’s been around guns longer and might have all the accessories you might want to give already.

Think of it as giving a gift card without having to worry about feeling impersonal. Like a gift card, you can make a gift out of all sorts of price points.

The thing I like most about ammo as a gift idea is the certainty of use – you know that ammo’s going to be put to use at some point, assuming you know their calibers and whether or not their firearm doesn’t like one particular brand of ammo. It may not be something lasting, but they’ll be thinking of you while they send lead downrange!

Where Can I Get Ammunition for This Holiday Season?

I’m always a fan of checking local stores for anything related to the gun industry, if financially practicable. If that’s not an option for you, the two stores I tend to use are Outdoor Limited and Academy Sports and Outdoors. Neither of them are paying me to say that – they’re just who I currently use. It helps that Outdoor Limited is local to me!

Now that you’re equipped with some ammo-buying advice, get out there and have a merry Christmas!

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