4 Burris Scopes That Will Change The Way You Shoot

Eric Lewis, owner of Pork Choppers Aviation, unboxes and shares his thoughts on a number of Burris scopes, starting with a brand new offering from the company.

Burris Droptine Riflescope Unboxing

The NEW Droptine riflescopes are more affordable than ever and still come fully loaded! They feature quality Burris glass, caliber-specific reticles. Ready for Everything: Waterproof, shockproof, fogproof, nitrogen filled, and as always, backed by the Forever Warranty.

There are four different sizes, and seven different scopes in the Droptine family. Whether you’re in a tree stand or a big field, the Droptine has you covered.

Check out Burris’s ballistic services that will let you fine tun any of their scopes reticles specifically for your gun and ammo.

Specs & Features:

  • High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness, clarity, and lasting durability
  • Quality precision-ground lenses are larger than those of comparable scopes, for better light transmission
  • Index-matched, Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare reduction, increasing your success rate
  • Durable, integrated-eyepiece design has no-slip grip for easy adjustment in the field
  • Positive steel-on-steel adjustments ensure repeatable accuracy
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrogen-filled scope tubes prevent internal fogging even in cold and rain
  • Stress-free, 1-piece, solid outer tube is durable enough to withstand shock and vibrations of even the heaviest-recoiling calibers
  • 1-in. body tube
  • Covered by the Burris Forever Warranty

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Burris Signature HD Riflescope Unboxing

Built on a legacy of reliability and confidence when it matters most, the new Burris Signature Series line of riflescopes offers shooters the Burris Signature experience with bright clear optics and rugged dependability. Available in three different magnification levels and various front and rear focal plane reticle options, the Signature Series brings high-end features to a platform serious hunters and shooters will enjoy.

The Signature HD produces crisp, bright images using premium, multi-coated glass. Precise machining, zero-click stop on all target knobs and push/pull locking turrets provide the reliability and ease-of-use that seasoned hunters demand. Signature HD riflescopes are waterproof, shockproof and fog proof and come with the Burris Forever Warranty.

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Burris Fullfield IV Riflescope Unboxing

Eric Lewis unboxes the Burris Fullfield IV Riflescope.

On any hunt, there are a few things you can count on. Wary game, lousy weather – and your Fullfield IV scope. With over 50 years of steady performance and constant refinement, the latest Fullfield riflescope from Burris is the surest companion a hunter or shooter can have. The completely redesigned Fullfield IV, is rugged, lightweight, and most importantly reliable for an accurate shot every time. Five models are offered, each with improved 4x optical system, premium multi-coated lenses for edge-to-edge clarity and low light performance and a selection of 8 different reticles.

These riflescopes are built with nitrogen filled tubes and are waterproof, shockproof and fog proof and can handle recoil from all platforms including air rifles, slug guns and high caliber rifles. New designed sleek turret knobs allow easy finger adjustments. Like all Burris products, the Fullfield rifle scope comes with the Burris Forever Warranty.

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Burris Eliminator IV Laserscope Unboxing

The new Eliminator IV features extended rangefinding capabilities out to 2,000 yards and enhanced ballistic calculator with more data and faster-aiming solutions – all this significantly increasing the distance at which you can make an ethical shot.

Wireless remote laser activation of the laser rangefinder has been added to make it easy to range your target. As always there’s no need for a smartphone, app or separate handheld range finder!

Prior to the hunt feed the Eliminator IV your cartridge’s ballistic info and the scope calculates perfect holdover at your exact distance, estimates wind drift, then gives you the perfect aiming solution (bright red dot) — all at the push of a button. Just aim, range and shoot. It’s that simple!

Four tools in one advanced optics including: precision optics, an internal digital inclinometer, smart dope card, and built-in laser range finder.

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