[VIDEO] [GRAPHIC CONTENT] This is a Call To Carry for people on the fence about concealed carry. You could encounter a guy like this.

The following video is a graphic reality that happened to a young pregnant woman last month while on her shift at Boost Mobile. A man walks in and is seemingly just another customer for the day. In a split second, the encounter turns very dangerous as this man punches the employee in the face and knocks her down quickly. You can hear her say “I’m pregnant, please don’t do anything” as the man is cleaning out the register.

While this poor girl was helplessly on the ground, the robber left open numerous opportunities for him to be used as a target. While this young woman was not carrying a firearm, this encounter serves as a reminder to how quickly things can change in the course of your daily activities. It should also remind us of how important it is to be responsible for our own safety.

This situation could have turned out much worse than it did, and we can only hope that this young woman and her child are safe.

The disgrace for a human being, 41-year-old Vincent Lavon Johnson, was arrested just the other day on charges of felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary. He has a long history of breaking the law that dates back to the 1990. It’s only a matter of time before he kills someone (if he hasn’t already, and which could have happened in this case).

If watching this video doesn’t get your blood boiling, I’m not sure what would.

H/T Pensacola News Journal


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