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Negligent Discharge At Fast Food Restaurant Is Played Off As Slamming Door

If you pop one off when you’re not intending to, that’s called a negligent discharge. Pocket carry can be notorious for this, as some decide to carry a firearm in their pocket with no holster, or an inadequate holster that doesn’t properly cover the trigger.

This guy was at a restaurant waiting at the counter when he reaches into his pocket to fiddle, and then we hear a loud bang. The employees all look and don’t know what the noise was and asked everyone in the area. The man, who knew he had just popped one off in the lobby, looked around and said he had no clue what the noise was.

Maybe it was the guy leaving because he slammed the door? Nice try, but no.

The smell starts to hit everyone and employees begin checking equipment.

Long story short, this is a 100% avoidable thing with a proper holster and modern firearm, and it should simply never happen.

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