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Armed Robbers No Match For Armed Gun Shop Employee

At least one of these guys laid down and took a nap, but I’m having trouble finding a news story to go along with this footage.

This video is a pretty good example of training paying off, in my opinion, and the importance of carrying with a round in the chamber. The good guy in this instance was bouncing back and forth between threats like he was at the range shooting two pieces of steel. There is no doubt that he’s spent a good amount of time training.

Before the dust could even settle, our good guy gets himself to a safer location and likely calls the police.

Pay attention to the first man who walks in, seeming to be a normal customer. When the second man runs in, it’s clear that he’s a threat. But then, the first guy draws his gun as our good guy is taking care of the second man, and our good guy recognizes that there are actually two threats.

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