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Surprised Armed Thug Gets Shot By Concealed Carrier In Chicago Parking Lot

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A man is alive because he had his concealed firearm on him during an attempt on his life. As the 49-year-old man was in the parking lot of a restaurant, a vehicle pulled up and a 19-year-old man got out. That teen was armed with a gun and started firing.

The 49-year-old, a valid concealed carry permit holder, drew his gun and hit the teen in the right hand and left foot.

The teen was taken to the hospital, in defeat, but in good condition. Charges are pending.

Police are still investigating the incident. It could have been an attempted armed robbery, or something completely different. Whatever the case, this 49-year-old is likely alive because of his decision to carry a firearm and know how to draw and shoot when necessary.

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