New Videos Show The Reality Of A Mass Shooting, And How Many Are Slow To React

Recognizing the sound of gunshots is something that everyone should truly know, but especially on a day like the 4th of July, those sounds could easily be mistaken for fireworks.

The mass shooting that occurred on the 4th in Illinois happened during a 4th of July parade, which has provided many videos of the incident as people were recording the parade and their time with family and friends.

During each video that I’ve located, at the start of the shooting, the vast majority of people took quite a while to realize what was going on. Those seconds are valuable and even if it turns out what you were over-reacting to something that wasn’t shots being fired, it’s still a good idea to be in the mindset to act quickly.

This man put his son in a dumpster to shield him from any potential shots fired in their direction.

Other videos show the chaos in the seconds following the initial gunfire, with people seen running with their families to safety, away from where they believe the shots are coming from.

It’s a sad time for our Country, as these mentally ill people feel the need to resort to such violence and take the lives of innocent people. I’d love to talk about how a lawfully armed citizen could have stopped this suspect, but it’s highly unlikely that any attempt would have been successful.

From a survival standpoint, it’s important to understand and communicate with family and friends what to do in certain situations, what to look out for, and what sounds and actions to pay attention to.

As for the carrying of firearms, remember that your chances of being involved in a mass shooting are extremely low. However, your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are much higher. That’s more of a reason to carry a firearm, and in the case of a mass shooting, have a plan to get yourself and others to safety.

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