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Man Tapes Laser Pointer To Pellet Gun, Tries To Rob Apartment, Tenant With Real Gun Shoots Him

When a man and his buddy tried robbing an apartment complex, their plan wasn’t all that great. When banging on the door, they alerted people inside that they were law enforcement.

No one bought it, and they got on the phone with 911 immediately.

One of the men was armed with a pellet gun, and police say he taped a laser pointer to the front of it. Legit.

“(The intruder) kicked the door open, that’s when the tenant saw the barrel of the gun come through the door,” Apodaca said. “The tenant announced several times that he was armed, and that’s when the offender went into the living room, just stepping through the doorway and being that he was armed, the tenant protected himself with his own weapon.”

via riograndesun.com

The tenant shot the man, ending the break-in attempt quickly. That suspect was taken to the hospital where he later died.

After the self-defense shooting, the man who shot the suspect made a make-shift tourniquet to help stop some of the bleeding.

The tenant is not expected to face any charges, even though the intruder was wielding a pellet gun. In cases like that, where you believe that your life is in danger, you’re able to use any means necessary to defend yourself. Recognizing the difference between a real gun and a fake gun is near impossible in many instances.

Everything was done by the book, including rendering aid to the fallen suspect.

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