5 Reasons the 1911 Reigns Supreme


There is no other pistol that is as iconic, with a rich history, greater than the 1911. Even after 100 years since development, the 1911 pistol still reigns supreme today. John Moses Browning was a true genius. His 1911 innovation has been a proven design that still maintains strength in 2020. In my opinion, a finely tuned 1911 outperforms most modern “poly wonder” handguns. It’s accuracy, mechanics and beauty is unmatched. Whether you are an old school shooter who was raised shooting 1911’s or a newer shooter who desires a smooth and accurate .45 ACP pistol, the 1911 has a place for everyone.

Let’s begin with the single action trigger. The Desert Eagle 1911G featured in this review has a very light 3.5 lb trigger pull. On average, most 1911 pistol triggers range from four to six pounds. Being such a short trigger pull, a six pound trigger feels much lighter than most modern semi auto handgun triggers. The trigger reset is incredibly short. As demonstrated with the video attached, the light trigger pulls along with the short reset aides in unmatched accuracy.

In today’s gun world, many shooters enjoy customizing their pistols to create an “one of a kind” handgun. A 1911 offers more aftermarket support, custom features and laser engraving than any other type of pistol. It’s components can be polished and upgraded, various sights and slide work is common along with a plethora of grip choices. The 1911 is aesthetically beautiful. Coupled with several manufacturers creating special 1911 custom pistols to stand out from the competition, the 1911 is still among the hottest selling firearms in today’s market.

1911 pistols are available in various sizes and caliber chamberings. I’ve experienced 1911 barrel lengths ranging from subcompact 3” barrels to large 6” barrels. Everything from light .22 LR to 10mm to .357 Magnum is available in a 1911 platform. Even budget 1911 handguns priced under $500 can be purchased. I see no end in sight with the market potential for 1911 pistols. It is safe to say that 1911 handguns are here to stay.

Check out the video (above) and let us know your thoughts and experiences with 1911 pistols. Share with us your favorite 1911 model or if you feel the 1911 is an outdated handgun.

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