How Long Do You Think This Woman Can Remain A Threat With Her Large Knife After Being Shot?


Total spoiler; it was almost 3 minutes, and she was shot in the abdomen.

A woman with a large knife was threating officers and apparently other people. As they did a dance with her around traffic at night, anyone could have been a victim of a knife attack, or possibly a bullet that made its way to an unintended location.

It says a lot about the human body when a person can get shot in the adbomen and continue on for over 2 minutes without a hiccup. When is a threat no longer a threat? When it’s no longer a threat.

Luckily, an officer comes out of nowhere with a taser and it’s game over.

If it were citizen vs. person coming at you with a knife, lethal force is justified in a high percentage of cases. Do you know how long it takes for a suspect to close in on you from 21 feet? They’ll be at your front door before many of you have time to react.

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