Florida Father Protects Family by Fatally Shooting Aggressive Burglar On Front Lawn


POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA –  A suspected burglar was shot and killed in the front yard of a home that he had just broken into, despite the homeowner ordering him to leave numerous times and giving him the opportunity to do so.

The suspect, identified by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office as Jory Plummer, allegedly burglarized a home a Frostproof neighborhood where a husband, wife, and their three children were sleeping. Plummer reportedly also lived in the neighborhood, but it is not clear if the parties were familiar with each other.

According to deputies, the wife heard banging on the front door and woke up her husband. Upon going to investigate, the man saw that the front door had been forced open and immediately armed himself with a handgun.

The man told investigators that Plummer was in his front yard “out of control” and yelling curse words at him. Despite being told repeatedly to go home, Plummer ran toward him. The homeowner fired one round, which struck Plummer. He then began walking away, but turned around and charged at the man again, earning another round from the defensive handgun of the homeowner and family guardian.

Plummer was transported by first responders to Sebring Hospital, where he died from gunshot wounds resulting from stupidity.

“People have a right to be safe in their home, and when necessary, defend that safety,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “At this point in the investigation, the evidence indicates that the resident acted in self-defense.”

Dad did good on this one…Plummer’s criminal history includes nine felonies and nine misdemeanors including sexual assault and domestic violence battery.


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