Do You See Anything In This Photo That Could Attack You?

Before you watch the video below, take a look at the image above and see if you notice anything in that image that could bring great harm to you. The guy in the video below brings his dog outside and comes face to face with…

Being charged by a moose is no laughing matter, as they are incredibly large and powerful animals that don’t shy away from a fight. Just last month, we showed you a story about a moose who held an entire group of sled dogs hostage as their owner watched helplessly, even after firing shots at the animal.

Or what about the wild video from a few years back that showed the encounter between a moose and a snowmobiler? That shooting is hotly debated online still to this day, but it still highlights the fact that a moose isn’t something to mess with and if you see one avoid it like you would a bear.

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