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Concealed Carrier Shoots Back At Man Who Shot CTA Bus Supervisor In Chicago

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A drive-by shooting incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Chicago’s Archer Heights neighborhood, leading a Concealed Carry License holder to defend other lives. The initial shooting targeted a CTA bus supervisor, among others, on West 47th Street and South Archer Avenue.

Lorenzo Hernandez, who was en route to his job, was caught amidst the gunshots. Gratefully recounting his near-death experience, he mentioned that a bullet meant for him was thwarted by his SUV. Hernandez narrated witnessing a collision involving a CTA bus and four other vehicles. Following the accident, an assailant from a white Dodge Durango began firing at the scene, injuring the 55-year-old CTA bus supervisor attending to the crash.

While trying to absorb the ongoing chaos, Hernandez noticed a tow truck driver, who was assisting with the vehicular pileup, duck for cover near his SUV. This individual, possessing a Concealed Carry License, retaliated by shooting twice at the initial shooter. In a post-event exchange, the tow truck driver expressed gratitude to Hernandez, emphasizing that the strategic placement of Hernandez’s SUV potentially saved his life.

The CTA representative, wounded in the thigh, was subsequently treated at Mount Sinai Hospital and is now stable. Clarifications from a CTA spokesperson highlighted that the bus supervisor was unintentionally caught in the crossfire.

The immediate aftermath led to the temporary closure of nearby roads for investigation. As of now, the authorities have detained no suspects, and Area 1 detectives are spearheading the investigation.

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