This Is What Can Happen When You Invite Strangers Over That You Meet Online


Meeting strangers online and inviting them into your home is probably never a good idea. And this story supports that theory. The only thing we have to say is that it’s a good thing this homeowner was carrying. So here is what happened to a homeowner in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to a news release from Kentucky State Police, it all began early on Monday. The homeowner was contacted via social media by 27-year-old Raven Edwards. The homeowner then invited the woman to his home.

Once Edwards arrived at the house, she entered and the two began to talk. Shortly after her arrival, she exited the home and then returned back inside with two men. The two men have been identified as 28-year-old Marcus Gross and 26-year-old Larry Nolen.

After the men entered the house, they began attacking the homeowner inside. Thankfully, the homeowner did have a gun and he was able to fire several shots before they took off running.

As stated by investigators, following their escape, Nolen drove Gross to Harrison Memorial Hospital for his gunshot wounds. At the hospital, he abandoned the vehicle, a maroon 2000 Chevy Impala and took off on foot.

Gross was pronounced dead at the hospital, but police are still searching for Nolen.

One thing to take away from this story; If you’re meeting people online, maybe go grab a coffee with them first. Oh, another thing to take away from this story; Don’t forget to carry at home.


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