Man Attempts Rape Of Woman In NYC Subway, Witnesses Slow To React. This Is Where A Gun Is Handy.

BRONX, NEW YORK — A man is in custody after police were able to locate him thanks to video taken by a witness. While I commend the thought to capture the suspect’s face to help police find him, I would commend even more an armed citizen who was in the area to force this degenerate to stop his horrific crime.

But, carrying a gun (legally) is not on the menu for the sitting ducks of Andrew Cuomo’s kingdom.

The sicko shoved the 25-year-old victim to the platform floor inside the Lexington Ave. and E. 63rd St. station around 11 p.m. Saturday, then threw himself on top of her and thrust his body back and forth while a crowd watched in horror, the video shows.

via New York Daily News

Warning: While the victim is blurred in the below video, this is still a graphic video and not suitable for some viewers.

This gguy is obvious scum, and needs to stay behind bars. It’s the only suitable place for him to reside.

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